Free Foreign Credential Evaluations

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Free Foreign Credential Evaluations

It’s true! For a number of years, Career Consulting International (CCI) has been offering free document evaluations for military professionals. Every month, we have a few recruiters or service personnel email or call to inquire about evaluation reports. January has so far brought only two persons from the military with foreign degrees that required educational evaluations.

Document evaluations, for example, are very helpful for students who need to show that their foreign high school diploma is the U.S. equivalency of high school graduation, or that they have a Bachelor degree from another country. These evaluations help people prove that they are eligible to enlist or to gain a promotion. Sometimes, recruiters contact the agency to request an evaluation report for someone who is about to enlist. Often, however, the service people have read or heard about the agency’s policy and contact us seeking to have their degrees evaluated. Either way, we are happy to serve!

Some persons require course by course evaluations or expert opinions, and we cannot offer these free because of the expense involved. We are able, however, to deduct the cost of the free document evaluation from the fee and offer that reduced rate to the military person. If you are in the military and have a foreign degree, or if you know someone who does, their career may benefit from one of these free foreign degree evaluations!

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