Foreign Degree Evaluations for Military Personnel

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Foreign Degree Evaluations for Military Personnel

It’s February, and thank goodness we are starting over. The U.S. Military was starting to catch up with us last month. During January, we are glad to be able to report that we were able to help with foreign credential evaluations for 10 members of the armed services. This equals more military education evaluations than we have ever done in a single month to date!

Whether this increase in foreign credential evaluations is a result of the economic problems our country has been having, or the fact that word is just getting out, we are glad to be able to help. In fact, we’ve been experiencing a significant increase in the number of evaluation reports lately. In addition, more and more of our clients, both military and civilian, have been writing us back to let us know the difference our evaluation reports have made in their lives.

It’s nice to know when you’ve been able to make a difference, and we are glad to hear from those who tell us of the difference we have made. The most recent response we received was from one of our clients who was happy to be able to tell us that she had received word that her I-140 had been approved without an RFE or denial. She had a three-year degree, and many clients have come to us after an RFE or denial, requesting our assistance. She chose to use our foreign credential evaluation agency first, however, and was so happy to get through the process without the difficulties her colleagues had experienced that she wanted very much to write and tell us about her approval.

To the U.S. Military: Thank you for making a difference by serving our country!

To our clients: Thank you for letting us make a difference by serving you!

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