Foreign Degree Evaluations and the American Dream

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Foreign Degree Evaluations and the American Dream

“I have a dream.” That sentiment is shared by most people wanting to immigrate to this country and experience a safe life for themselves and their family, but without foreign degree evaluations, many are unable to make this dream come true. Foreign credential evaluation agencies like Career Consulting International were founded by Americans whose parents or grandparents had arrived in this same country seeking to fulfill this same dream.

The USCIS, which is the part of the United States government that deals with immigration, does recognize that many people wanting to immigrate have foreign degrees, such as high school diplomas or college degrees, from their home countries. Because of the wide variations in education, though, the agency has to ensure that these degrees are the U.S. equivalencies of high school graduation, Bachelor degrees, etc. For this reason, people wanting to obtain immigration visas to the U.S. usually need a foreign degree evaluation to demonstrate their educational equivalencies.

One of the problems with this requirement is that foreign credential evaluations are expensive. A document evaluation is the least expensive, but these can cost up to $100. Other foreign degree evaluations, such as expert opinions, can cost hundreds more. Many of the people who want to come to the United States hardly have enough money to make the trip, find a place to live and food to eat, and all of these things are much more immediately important than having their degrees evaluated.

These people all have a dream, and their dreams are similar to those of our fathers or grandfathers or great-grandmothers. They dream of a better future in a safe land, and the directors of CCI are working to help them make that dream come true, guaranteeing the best possible price for foreign degree evaluations. Are you ready to make your dream come true?

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