Foreign Credentials Evaluation Approval: I140 Visa with a 3-year Degree

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Foreign Credentials Evaluation Approval: I140 Visa with a 3-year Degree

We just received word from an attorney with whom we work that another of our clients’ I140 visas had been approved as a result of the foreign credentials evaluation through CCI. We were very glad to hear that this client’s evaluation had been accepted after the RFE had been issued.

The client holds a three-year degree from India, as well as  a Master Degree. The requirement was a minimum Bachelor Degree, but combining degrees is not permitted for I-140 visas. To help this person, Director Sheila Danzig and consultant Professor John Kersey worked to show that the client’s 3-year degree was the U.S. equivalency of a Bachelor Degree.

The process is complicated, and involves an extensive amount of research sometimes, so it can be expensive, often nearly $1200. This often involves extensive consultations with attorneys, research, and access to our evidence archives so that attorneys can reference little-known information in their briefs.

Of course, not every 3-year degree can be shown as the educational equivalency of a US Bachelor Degree. So we encourage all clients, especially those who have received RFEs or denials, to submit their information for a pre-evaluation so that we can offer them an accurate estimate of whether we will be able to help. Our success rates with these complicated cases is very high, and there is a lot of work involved sometimes. So there is a lot of cheering and celebration when we receive word from another of our clients that they have been approved!

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