Foreign Credential Evaluations Updates

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Foreign Credential Evaluations Updates

Sometimes, it’s hard to establish an educational equivalency between a foreign degree and a U.S. Bachelor Degree. Many countries in Europe, as well as in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and many South American Countries, offer 3-year Bachelor Degrees. Some, although not all, of these degrees are considered the international equivalency of a U.S. Bachelor Degree.

Sometimes, as in the case of many European universities, students attend a 13th year of high school, which is as advanced as the first year of an undergradute university degree program in the United States. One example of this is a recent evaluation for a client with a five-year Master Degree from Italy. He  offered kind words of praise regarding the agency’s speed, efficiency, and courtesy. We were very glad to be able to help him with the document evaluation he required for educational purposes.

We recently received another response from a client who wrote to thank us for our work:

“I’m so glad I chose the right people to do it! You guys saved me a lot of money, now can I get right into my masters! You did a wonderful  job! I was looking for an agency to do my evaluation for quite some time I called and researched about probably most of the agencies in the country, and I found the Degree People the most professional one.Thank you for such great work!”

We appreciate the kind words of feedback from all our clients, and look forward to hearing how we can help you with your evaluation needs.

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