Foreign Credential Evaluations: The Chartered Accountancy, or CA

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Foreign Credential Evaluations: The Chartered Accountancy, or CA

When Career Consulting International began doing foreign credential evaluations for the Chartered Accountancy certification from India, experts Sheila Danzig and John Kersey had their research cut out for them. Few evaluators were even attempting this equivalency, and success rates were quite low.

Thanks to their hard work, however, Ms. Danzig and Professor Kersey have joined forces to offer clients who have passed the CA exams the U.S. equivalency of a Bachelor, or even a Master Degree, in Accounting. In fact, CCI’s success rate with this certification is 100 percent for immigration purposes.

In fact, foreign degree evaluations that show the Chartered Accountancy Fellowship equal to a Master’s Degree are not easy, and few evaluators even believe this is possible. We have been very fortunate to work with excellent attorneys and clients who work closely with the evaluators to provide the necessary information to accomplish this goal.

Thanks to our clients, who work so hard to help us help them. Thanks to the excellent attorneys who, through their outstanding teamwork and collaboration, help their clients so effectively. Showing educational equivalencies for foreign degrees and certifications isn’t always easy, but helping our clients succeed is more than worth the effort involved!

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