Foreign Credential Evaluations: Know What you Need

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Foreign Credential Evaluations: Know What you Need

If you received a foreign degree and are seeking the U.S. equivalency, you will need a foreign credentials evaluation. These may be relatively inexpensive, or quite costly, depending on the degree of complexity your educational evaluation requires. Document evaluations are typically available for less than $100, while evaluation reports requiring expert opinions may cost over $1,000.

When you are ordering, it’s helpful to know what type of evaluation you need. To determine this, you may discuss with your potential employer whether a document evaluation is sufficient. If you have extensive experience but less formal education than your new boss would like, ask the consulting agency whether you qualify for a work credentials evaluation.

If, however, you are applying for admission to a university, and have already completed some postsecondary education, you will probably need a course by course evaluation. This type of evaluation lists your course work, your grades, the number of semester credit hours you have earned, and your grade point average. Be sure that your credits are reported in terms of semester credit hours if you are interested in college, because this is the way most colleges calculate credits.

If you have questions about what you are ordering, contact the consulting agency before you order. A good foreign credentials evaluation agency will always have a knowledgeable representative available to assist you with ordering the right evaluation. Make sure you know that the evaluation you are ordering meets your requirements, so you know that you can accomplish your goals by having the right evaluation.

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