Foreign Credential Evaluations for the U.S. Military

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Foreign Credential Evaluations for the U.S. Military

April is a busy month for credential evaluation services such as CCI because of the April 1st H1B visa application deadline. This year, it’s been a little busier even than usual because the H1B visa cap did not fill. This is a reflection of the economic times. As companies are struggling to survive, and laying off more and more people, it’s hard to justify hiring foreign workers except in circumstance where their expertise is vitally needed.

Because CCI specializes in unusual and difficult cases, we see some very interesting and complicated cases, as well as the more straightforward high school diploma, college diploma, and foreign degree. Because this month has been a busy one, there hasn’t been as much time to update our readers as we’d like. So we wanted to take a moment at the end of this month and update you regarding the free offer we make to the U.S. military.

Each month, we offer free document evaluations to 50 U.S. Military personnel. We’ve consistently challenged service persons to keep up with this number, but they haven’t caught up yet. In fact, in April, only 5 military persons requested the free foreign credential evaluations.

Often, we receive the requests from army, navy, or air force recruiters who are waiting to enlist a future soldier, but sometimes the military people see our information online and contact us themselves. Either way, we are happy to help. You’ve spent your time serving, or are about to serve, our country – now let us offer this free service to you – don’t hesitate to benefit from it! Call the toll-free number and our customer service representatives will help you. No gimmicks, no strings, just our way of thanking the U.S. armed forces for all they do!

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