Foreign Credential Evaluations: An Inside Look

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Foreign Credential Evaluations: An Inside Look

If you have a foreign degree or diploma, you will probably have to get a foreign credential evaluation just to get a job or enter a university. And if you are interested in immigration visas such as I-140 visas or H1-Bs, you definitely will have to have your foreign academic credentials evaluated.

So how do you know where to go or whom to trust? One of the many places to look for a good foreign credentials evaluation agency is an immigration forum, or an immigration attorney. Once you’ve found an agency that looks promising, how do you know what to look for?

Career Consulting International offers clients a number of helpful services, including a lowest-price guarantee, free consultation by telephone 24 hours a day, and a promise to answer evaluation questions at any point in time after the evaluation has been issued.

Our company specializes in denials and RFEs. Many clients come to our agency after having had difficult experiences with other evaluation agencies. They have valid foreign credentials that are unusual or unfamiliar to these agencies. As a result, the evaluations do not meet the standards specified by USCIS.

If you have questions about whether your education credentials meet the standards specified by your labor certificate, don’t hesitate to contact CCI. Our expert advisors are here and ready to help you. Let us give you the experienced advice you need – and deserve – today!

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