EB3 Approval after NOID

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EB3 Approval after NOID

This week, a client notified us of a letter from USCIS approving her EB3 (I-140) Visa after having previously received a denial letter in response to an educational evaluation completed by a different credential evaluation agency. She had a three year Bachelor Degree from India, but the USCIS denied her Visa on the grounds that a 3-year Bachelor Degree is not equivalent to a USC four-year Bachelor Degree.
Using extensive documentation and research developed by Dr. Danzig and Professor Kersey over the last several years, CCI was able to present sufficient evidence, as well as a detailed evaluation and expert opinion letter, clearly demonstrating the client’s degree as equivalent to a US four-year Bachelor Degree.
Because she obtained a degree in a related field, but her major was not in that specified by the labor certificate, we were able to use a functional equivalency process to demonstrate that she had the necessary education to meet the labor requirement. USCIS responded to our evaluation and expert letter by approving the client’s I-140 visa.

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