Don’t Panic, April First is Tomorrow

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If you’ll be filing an H-1B petition for the fiscal year of 2016, you’re probably well aware that April First is tomorrow, and I’m not talking about April Fool’s Day.  If this year is anything like that past several years, your window to file your H-1B petition is small and you want to have it filed tomorrow to ensure you’ll be in good standing when they are evaluated.

But before you send in your petition, you want to ask yourself, “Have I successfully proven that I’m qualified for my H-1B job?”

To qualify for your H-1B job, and thus your visa, you need to clearly show that you possess the body of specialized knowledge required to perform your job.  That means you have a US bachelor’s degree or higher, or its equivalent, in your field of employ.  If your degree is from a different country, or if your degree is generalized or in a field different from your job, your job of proving your qualification to the USCIS is not done.

You will need a to submit a detailed evaluation of your credentials along with your transcript from a credential evaluation agency authorized to make the necessary conversions to bridge the gaps in your degree.  You only get one shot at this.

You have one day.  We can help you.

At CCI, we have international education experts with the authority to convert classroom contact hours and work experience into college credit hours to fill in any gaps in your resume and clearly show that you are qualified by US educational standards to work your H-1B job.  They are on call around the clock and we have rush delivery options that will get your evaluation into your hands in 12 hours.  All we need are emailed copies of your education documents, work documentation, and your resume.

Now it not the time to hesitate.  Call us anytime at 1.800.771.4723 or visit us online at

This article was written by Rebecca Little