Degree Not Specialized Enough for the USCIS? We Can Help!

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Just less than a decade ago, to prove to the USCIS you are qualified for your H1B occupation, all you had to do was have the required degree in a field related to your field of employ. However, in recent years they have started requiring applicants to have a degree in the exact field of their specialty occupation. Fortunately, there are ways to show that you have specialized in your field of employ even if that wasn’t your exact academic specialization.

How can this be done? A detailed evaluation of your academic credentials from a credential evaluation agency authorized to make the necessary conversions can help you bridge these gaps in your petition in two ways:

1) A close evaluation of the academic content of your education. This involves looking at the exact classes you took and the academic content of your coursework. Even if your degree doesn’t reflect a specialization, the actual content of what you learned while in college or university will.

2) Converting work experience into college credit hours. A credential evaluation agency with the authority to convert years of work experience into years of college credit can clearly show your specialized skills that uniquely qualify you for your H1B job.

These are two ways that a detailed credential evaluation can make a huge difference in getting your visa petition approved. For a free consultation on your academic situation for your H1B petition, visit us online at or call us anytime at 1.800.771.4723.

This article was written by Rebecca Little