Degree in the Wrong Field? No Problem!

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So you’ve got a US bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in a field related to your H1B occupation. You’re all set to submit your petition, right? Wrong! Just less than ten years ago, you could apply for an H1B visa with a degree in business for an accounting job and get approved. You could apply for a job as a caseworker with a psychology degree and get approved. Now, you get an RFE. We are consistently seeing RFE responses to petitions of beneficiaries who DO have the specialty skills for their occupation but don’t have a degree in their exact field of employ to show it. In just the past 5 or 6 years, the USCIS has tightened their standards around this, likely because of the massive influx of hundreds of thousands of H1B petitions for the same 65,000 visas.

But it’s just an RFE. Doesn’t that mean I get a second chance?

Technically yes, but actually no. Attorneys tell me that the USCIS views RFE’s as much needed red flags. They can use these to make their job of weeding out applicants easier. You need to get this right the first time.

That means getting your credentials evaluated. A detailed evaluation will examine your coursework to show what you specialized in even if your degree is general. This can also show that even if your degree is not in your exact field of employ, many of the classes you took are. An authorized credential evaluator can also convert years of work experience in your field of employ into college credit hours to bridge these gaps.

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This article was written by Rebecca Little