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Lowest Price Guarantee: We guarantee that our prices are the lowest of any reputable evaluation agency. If, at any time over the next 5 years, you find lower published prices just send it to us and we will refund 110% of the difference. This applies to the evaluation fees only. This does not apply to expert letters or other fees.


Send us CLEAR copies of your education documents IN THE ORIGINAL LANGUAGE AND TRANSLATED TO ENGLISH via fax to 1.866.585.1409 or via email to or upload them with this application. Please note that you can fax or email documents but emailed documents can ONLY be a PDF or TIFF file, except for the resume which must be a .doc or .docx. We cannot open or look at any other formats. Please do not send a color scan of any documents even as a PDF or TIFF because they are too big to work with. Kindly be certain that your documents are sent as an attachment only. We are sorry that documents that are embedded in the body of the email cannot be used. Postal mailed documents will not receive the online discount prices. NO Postal mailed documents will be accepted for H1b filings after March 1 each year. They must be sent online and by fax.

If you were required to take the National Examination to enter University (WAEC, CXC, GCE etc) in your home country send them because these are required to show an equivalence to a US High School Graduation.

If you want to upload your documents with this application you can attached the files here.
(2MB maximum combined total for all files)



Please check your email regularly. We cannot postal mail your evaluation until you have checked and responded to the confirmation email.

Some mail clients such as Outlook and web-based email services such as, and seem to sometimes put the files that we send you into the junk, bulk mail and other mailboxes or folders. Please keep an eye out for this and check all of your mailboxes and folders before contacting us to tell us that you have not gotten your confirmation email. Chances are it will be in there. If you do not check those folders and mailboxes your evaluation will be delayed because we will be waiting to hear back from you.

On the other hand if you truly do not hear from us within 3 days (24 hours if you paid for rush service), please send an email to so we may double check your file. Do NOT call to see if your application was received. It will only delay the process. Send an email only. We will be communicating with you via email. Please check your email and be sure to RESPOND to our questions. We will print and mail our evaluation only if you notify us that the information is correct, so please be certain to do that if you check and respond to the emails that we send to you.


  • Copies of original language documents as well as translations
  • All degree certificates and/or diplomas as well as all of the mark sheets and/or transcripts.
  • State the educational requirement of the labor certificate if this is for the I-140 / Green Card process. We CANNOT help you with the I-140 evaluation without this. Be certain to list it in the "other information" box below. If you do not give us the correct equivalency and make changes after we have begun there will be a fee to redo the expert letter and/or the evaluation.
  • If you fax the documents put a cover letter with your name, email address and phone # or fax this form with all of the documents to 1.866.585.1409.
  • If you postal mail your documents you may not pay the internet special price.
  • If this is for the TN visa please be sure you know what equivalency you need to meet and the type of evaluation you need. The requirements for the TN vary by occupation.


  • If you are sending original documents you must enclose a stamped self addressed envelope to have them returned. We are not responsible for the safe return of these documents and URGE YOU NOT TO send your only copy. We are happy to work from copies and you can present the original to the office you are giving the evaluation to.


  • If you have received an RFE, Denial, or NOID about your education or about a previous evaluation done elsewhere, do NOT order until we have reviewed your documents. There is no charge for the review. Please go to and follow the simple instructions on that page.


  • If you have had a pre-evaluation please resend your documents to the fax or email address on this form so it ends up at the correct department.


USCIS has issued denials when the diploma is issued from a private institution that is not government recognized or affiliated with a University.

We require that you only submit a PGD if it is from a an institution that is fully government recognized or is affiliated with a government recognized University. Please check before you submit it. Regardless of how it is evaluated USCIS will not approve it if it does not meet these requirements.

If you have a 3 year degree and do not have a recognized PGD for H1b filing you can add work experience in the field. See 16e below to order a work + education evaluation. You will need employer letters for this.


Please call us at 1.954.384.9541 (international voice) or 1.800.771.4723 (toll free voice)

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2. Name appearing on (foreign) educational document: (REQUIRED)
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Please note that the name on your evaluation must match the name on your education documents, therefore your name will appear on your evaluation exactly as it appears on the documents you submit to us. If you have married or legally changed your name and wish to present your new name to a third party simply attach a copy of your marriage certificate, name change form, passport, drivers license etc., to your evaluation when submitting it to anyone.
3. Name:
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7. Date of Birth: (mm/dd/yyyy)
8. Country of Birth:
9a. Where did you hear about our company?  
9b. If you were referred by an attorney or employer please tell us who that is:  
10. If this is for a HIGH SCHOOL diploma equivalency write name of High School you attended here:

Academic Information for Credentials we will be evaluating

Please list the name of university, college, school or institutions that you have attended:
11. Name of School:
Exact Title of Degree:
Dates of Attendance:
12. Name of School:
Exact Title of Degree:
Dates of Attendance:
13. Name of School:
Exact Title of Degree:
Dates of Attendance:

14. Other Information:

The box below is where you can explain anything to the evaluator.

Please read it carefully. Some parts may not be relevant to your application but other parts may.

What are you using the evaluation for? (REQUIRED)

Check here if you have previously submitted all of your documents for a pre-evaluation. Be certain to resubmit all of your documents per the directions on this form so they are now in the order center.

If your application is FOR IMMIGRATION you will require an equivalency in a specific field. In the following space, please indicate the specific field or fields you require. If you are applying in EB-2 this should be the field and any alternatives indicated on the certified labor. If you do not tell us that you require a specific field before you order, there may be an additional charge for any alteration afterwards. (If this was covered in your pre-evaluation ignore this section.)

Required field of study:

In the box below tell us if this is for immigration purposes and if so, which Visa it is for and if you have been approved for a Visa, which one you that is.

For the I-140 filing, STATE THE EDUCATION REQUIREMENT INCLUDING THE MAJOR SUBJECT on your labor certificate. We cannot help you without that. If you do not give us the full requirement we cannot be responsible if you do not get the evaluation you need. Examples of what we need: Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Bachelor's degree in Education. Simply copy whatever is on your labor certificate / Perm.

If you are filing for the I140 please advise if this is for EB2, EB3 or undecided:

If you make changes in the education requirement after we have begun to process your evaluation there will be an extra fee to change it.

Please tell us anything that you consider relevant. Include your desired equivalency. This should include the type of degree, such as High School Diploma, Associate's Degree, 3 or 4 year Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, and Doctorate, and if in a specific field such as Accounting, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Chemistry etc. We will do our best but cannot guarantee any particular results as we must work only from your documents and courses.

Again - Please be CERTAIN to include the education requirement on the labor certificate if this is for the I-140 filing. If you are not inquiring for the I-140 filing this is not relevant and not required.


15. Third Party Mailing:

Check this box if you want the hard (official) copy of the evaluation with the gold seal sent to a third party, such as an attorney, employer, or university. These are sent Priority with tracking.
Check if you want to email evaluation the soft copy to a third party such as an attorney, employer, or university.
NOTE: Check both boxes if you want both a hard and soft copy sent to a third party.

16. Application Fees:

16 a.
Document Evaluation for Immigration, college/university admission or employment where a course-by-course is not required or for a bachelor, associate degree or High School Diploma: $150.00 ONLINE SPECIAL $70.00* If you need your GPA or Credits listed do not order a document evaluation. These items are in the course by course. Allow 3 business days.
16 b.
Document Evaluation for Immigration and employment if you are doing any of the following: combining two or more transcripts/degrees/certificates resulting in a Bachelor's degree, or Bachelor + Masters Degree; 1 degree resulting in a Bachelor + Masters Degree; a Masters Degree on its own, a PhD Degree; a Medical Degree: $210.00 ONLINE SPECIAL $110.00* Allow 3 business days.
16 c.
Course-by-Course Evaluation for a single transcript / mark sheets for bachelor degree or high school diploma: $235.00 ONLINE SPECIAL $185.00* If you need your GPA or Credits listed do not order a document evaluation. These items are in the course by course. Allow 5 business days.
16 d.
Course by Course evaluation for any of the following: two transcripts; Medical Degrees; Doctorate degrees; one transcript resulting in an evaluation of two degrees (such as bachelor and masters degree) or Medical or Doctorate/Ph.D.: $375.00 + $125 for each ONLINE SPECIAL $215.00 for two or more transcripts. Allow 5 business days.
16 e.
Work / work + education evaluation: $750.00 ONLINE SPECIAL $425.00* includes the evaluation, Professors Expert Opinion Letter, electronic copy. Send us a current up to date resume (cv) that matches any employer letters you may have, with job titles, descriptions and dates. Resumes must be Word .doc or .docx format. Work experience evaluations have also been used for graduate school acceptance and employment in some cases. This evaluation is not intended for the I140 Visa. Signed by professors who are authorized to issue college credit for work experience as required for the H1B Visa. Allow 2-3 business days.
16 f.
SPECIAL CASES. Course-by-course evaluation with Expanded report and/or Expert Opinion letter. Call for amount as each case is different. Enter amount in the box:
»  Special case, if applicable: (Enter amount here. Numbers only. No decimals or commas.)
16 g.
ADD individual listed services to a previous order. Do not check if you are ordering an evaluation.
*If you order using this form by fax, email, this special price applies to you. If you postal mail your documents you do not qualify for the special Internet pricing.

17. Mailing Options:

(choose only one) We mail Monday to Friday Only. Federal Holidays excluded.
Returned by First Class postage to the US at no additional cost.
Urgent Letter Rapid Delivery without tracking (recommended) These are mailed within 1-3 days and delivered as fast as priority add $10.00
Priority Mail with signature and tracking (within US) add $20.00
Express Mail (within US). This includes being in the mail within 48 hours. add $45.00
For FedEx or Airborne Express please send us a prepaid Label.
Canada: Global Priority (2-4 weeks delivery time, not tracked) add $15.00.(Canada Only)
INTERNATIONAL: For shipments outside the US please send shipping label.
12-24 Hour "In the Mail" service:Once approved evaluations are mailed within 3-5 days. In addition to the above options we offer a service where we will take your package to be mailed as soon as it is complete - always within 12-24 hours of the time you approve it. This has nothing to do with our regular rush service or how your package is mailed. It is only about taking your package to be mailed. $50.00

18. Rush Service:

Optional/Additional Cost (non-refundable nor cancelable). This does not include any special mailing options - evaluations will be sent First Class mail unless you select a special mailing option (see above, #17 - note the default is priorty mail). This is the time it will take to create your evaluation and send you the electronic copy so do not order the electronic copy in #20. The The time starts the next business hour (Eastern time) after we have received the application and clear copies of all of the documents. You are required to approve the copy before we will mail it. We will have it in the mail the within 48 hours after approval.

If you are ordering a specialty occupation letter do not add rush fees until you email us ( to check if it is necessary and, if so, if it is available.

4 business day rush service. $70.00 (NOTE: For Specialty Occupation Expert Letter this pays for 7 business day delivery of the soft copy)
2 business day rush service. $200.00 (NOTE: For Specialty Occupation this pays for 5 Business day delivery)
24 hour rush $300 (NOTE For Specialty Occupation this pays for 4 business day delivery)

19. Additional Copies

You will receive two official copies of the evaluation. To have extra official copies sent to you (ordered with evaluation) send $20 each.
I would like extra official copies at $20.00 each plus $10 for priority mail. Order priority mail in #17.
Half Price SPECIAL - 5 extra copies for $50 mailed to you with your order (or more than 5 for $10.00 each). All evaluations ordered at this special price must be mailed to one address.
You can order copies at a later date, up to one year later, for a $20 each copy plus $10.00 priority postage.


Can be used to file with Immigration (H1, TN, I140 etc.) This will be sent prior to the hard copy and generally speeds up delivery of your evaluation
We can convert your evaluation to a PDF file and send it to you via email. This is not an official copy but it can be printed or sent electronically as an unofficial copy. Add $20.00. This will be sent prior to the mailing of the hard copies.





Clear copies of all educational documents and National Exams in the home country are sent to Professional English translations must accompany all foreign language documents. All copies of documents become the property of CCI and will not be returned. On rare occasion, CCI reserves the right to request original documents for verification purposes. These documents will be returned if fee of $5.00 per document plus postage is supplied. If an incorrect email or postal address is submitted to CCI the evaluation may be delayed for days or weeks and that CCI will not be responsible for these delays. CCI is not responsible for first class mail that goes astray. I also understand that I may be required to pay a fee of $5 to correct the problem and pay for express or priority postage if hard copies need to be resent if priority mail was not ordered. Be certain to send us all of the documentation after you fill out this form. If you send additional documentation after we have completed the evaluation there will be an additional fee of $25 for simple changes such as spelling of a name or the addition of a married name, and up to $300 for major changes to an expert opinion letter with information involving hours attended. You will receive an email requesting your approval of the evaluation. After you receive the email, if you send additional documents asking us to change names or add course work, there will be an additional $25 fee. PAYMENT must accompany application. Credit card can be payment with this form online or via fax, or send via postal mail with check or money order. IMPORTANT: SUBMITTING THIS APPLICATION STIPULATES THAT YOU AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING:

I agree that this evaluation may be revoked at any time if the information given on the application or to CCI at any time or on any accompanying documents is not perfectly true, correct and honest and no refund will be issued. I certify that I have received, read and understand the instructions, terms and conditions specified in the Career Consulting International (CCI) web site,, the FAQ, and/or application, brochure and agree to all terms and conditions stated therein, including, but not limited to all that appears on those pages and on this page. CCI shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages which I may incur if CCI does not issue the educational equivalency that I anticipated. I fully understand that the evaluation is not a legal document, is advisory and not binding upon any agency, employer, university, institution of any sort, individual, licensing board for which I may use the evaluation. CCI and its representatives are released from any liability resulting from the use of the evaluation. I agree to reimburse CCI for any and all costs, including legal expenses, which it may incur as a result of any claim that I (or anyone having any interest in my earnings or services) may make, based on the evaluation determination. I have read and understood the Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ) at

Your information is never sold, traded or given to other companies. Uncheck if you do not wish to get any future notices or mailings from about your evaluation or other relevant notices.

I understand and agree that no refunds will be issued in any event unless stated otherwise, including but not limited to, not receiving the evaluation anticipated, evaluations that appear to be altered, evaluations not being accepted by anyone, evaluations not arriving by a particular date. CCI is not responsible for client deadlines even if they are missed due to a clerical error at CCI. Clients must take into consideration that even overnight express mail gets lost, mis-delivered, or delivered late and that CCI will not refund any special rush fees or mailing fees when such deadlines are missed. Anyone who denied payment will be assessed an additional fee of up to $100. I agree that CCI will not be held responsible for any liability due to loss or damage to documents submitted with respect to this application. I agree that CCI will not be held responsible for any evaluations or documents that once mailed by CCI that are not properly delivered. CCI mails all evaluations within 3-5 business days after the client approves the evaluation. If an evaluation is ordered to be mailed via priority or overnight mail and is not shown as delivered then CCI will remail it in 3-5 business days at no cost. Any evaluations or documents that are mailed 1st class mail that do not arrive will be remailed by CCI only if the client pays for priority or overnight mail for the second mailing. CCI will not charge for the re-issuing of the evaluation. By submitting this form I affirm that all materials and information on this application are true and accurate.

Click here to agree to all terms specified above and to sign electronically.

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We guarantee that our prices are the lowest of any reputable evaluation agency. If, at any time over the next 5 years, you find lower published prices just send it to us and we will refund 110% of the difference. This applies to the evaluation fees and rush services.