Case Study: United Nations Recommends Career Consulting International

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Case Study: United Nations Recommends Career Consulting International

No, this isn’t a gimmick. It’s a true story from one of our clients who shared his story on one of the immigration visa chat boards a few months ago. Here is the story in his own words (his name has been removed, as we always protect our clients’ privacy):


I want to share good news, finally I got a magic email from USCIS that my I-140is approved at TSC service center. Here are my details:

My first I 140 filed from NSC using substitute labor was denied in Jan’03. Reason: Education Evaluation. [I was] denied from AAO after one year. Recently my original labor was approved from backlog center, this time I did my evaluation fromSheila Danzig, she did excellent job, she actually evaluated my 3 years of Polytechnic(Met Engg) equivalent to US BS, total credits 122.5. Ms. Danzig also produced an expert opinion, evaluating my AMIIM( Associate Member of Indian Institute of metals) equivalent to Master in Met engg. With that my attorney applied [for the] I-140 at TSC on 31st March and today I got the email from USCIS for approval. Actually I must thank to United Nations, who advised me to get my evaluation done thru Sheila. Guys this is not an advertisement for Sheila or United Nation but its true success story.

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