Case Study: EB2 Denial Successfully appealed.

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Case Study: EB2 Denial Successfully appealed.

Our client was from Pakistan. He had graduated with a Bachelor Degree after two years, and continued his education to get a Master Degree. He obtained aneducational evaluation for a work visa indicating that his foreign academic credentials were equivalent to a four-year degree. The USCIS issued a denial, indicating that the evaluation report had combined two degrees to issue the U.S.equivalency of a single four-year degree.

Career Consulting International was able to offer an expert opinion that, combined with a large quantity of research, persuasively demonstrated that the client’s foreign credentials were equal to a four-year degree. Furthermore, this was done without attempting to combine the client’s foreign degrees to achieve this equivalency. The USCIS found the evaluation persuasive, and reversed the denial on appeal.

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