Another I-140 Visa Approval

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Another I-140 Visa Approval

We just received notice that another client who had applied for an I-140 Visa has been approved. Great news and we enjoy sharing the good news with each other and all our readers! This person had a particularly difficult situation, and was applying for an EB3 visa.

Sometimes, people just give up hope after receiving an RFE or denial, especially for a three-year degree, and think they have nowhere else to turn. CCI offers these persons free pre-evaluations to determine whether they can help provide the evidence required by USCIS. If the expert evaluators and professors don’t believe they can offer a successful outcome, they are upfront and honest about that.

The majority of time, though, the experts can provide the necessary evidence. More than 95 percent of the time, they are successful. Once clients have received an RFE or denial, though, it’s an uphill process. The best outcomes occur when clients come to CCI first.

If you do turn to the experts at CCI for assistance, be sure to follow all instructions carefully. If you don’t include all the evidence that you’re given, you risk having your petition denied. Don’t save evidence for later – it won’t help.

If you want help having your immigration visa approved, you’ve come to the right place. If you have the necessary academic credentials, the experts at CCI can help show that your foreign credentials are the educational equivalent of the U.S. degree required on your labor certificate.

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