Academic Credentials Evaluations Receive I-140 Approval After RFE

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Academic Credentials Evaluations Receive I-140 Approval After RFE

Each year, the USCIS receives tens of thousands of applications for temporary and permanent visas. Sometimes, qualified workers are turned away or questioned because they don’t have academic credentials evaluations that show their foreign degrees to be the educational equivalent of a U.S. bachelor’s degree.

When this happens, the professional must find a foreign credential evaluation that specializes in difficult or challenging cases. Once a person has received an RFE or denial, though, the application process is often an uphill battle.

CCI recently received a foreign credentials evaluation request from a client who had received a Bachelor of Laws degree from a foreign university, and then obtained a Master of Laws degree at an accredited U.S. university. USCIS issued an RFE, indicating a concern that the law degree was not the U.S. equivalency of a Juris Doctor, which is the degree required to practice law in the United States.

Using an expert opinion and a course by course evaluation, CCI was able to offer enough evidence that the degrees were indeed the U.S. equivalent of a Juris Doctor. The client’s application for an I-140 visa was subsequently approved bu the USCIS.

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