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Which is the ONLY Evaluation Agency in the PERM Book?

The PERM Book is out, created by 21 immigration law experts to guide those involved in PERM cases through the complex and nuanced process of visa approval today. This comprehensive book covers all steps in the PERM petition process, including unique and difficult cases, and how to appeal a Denial.  At CCI, we are proud to be the only credential evaluation agencies included in The PERM Book.  Over the years, we have worked closely with the country’s top immigration attorneys to find creative solutions to any situation that the PERM petition process throws at us.  We have developed successful strategies to prevent PERM issues that often result in Denials, and to successfully address these issues when they arrive post-filing. CCI TheDegreePeople is a member of the International Center for Academic Excellence, which is one of only three credential evaluation membership organizations with UNESCO approval.  We maintain an updated reference library to ensure that each credential evaluation is uniquely and thoroughly researched with regards to the job, the visa, the education, and current USCIS approval trends.  We maintain a network of experts internationally in every field of specialization for expert opinion letters, and we now assist legal professionals in obtaining and filing the appropriate documents needed for each education-based and employment focused visa cases. If you work with PERM cases, or are an employer sponsoring a PERM employee, or if you are a PERM beneficiary, we highly recommend this book as a resource for success.  To purchase a copy, visit For a free review of your case, visit  We will get back to you in 48 hours or less.    ]]>

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