USCIS accepted electronic submissions for cap-subject H-1B petitions for FY2021 March 1st through 20th 2020.  More than enough applications were filed electronically to meet the annual cap, sending the process to a randomized electronic lottery.  The lottery is now complete, and those selected will be notified by March 31st, 2020, USCIS says.

You can check the status of your visa application, or of your employee or client’s visa application by going to the beneficiary’s online USCIS account.  The status of the submission will either say submitted, selected, or denied.  Submitted means the application was successfully submitted but not selected.  However, even if it was not selected, the petition will continue to be under consideration until the fiscal year’s end, when the status will change to selected, not selected, or denied.

Denied means that the electronic petition was denied due to duplicate submissions, self-submission, declined payment, and so forth.

Selected means that your petition, or your employee or client’s petition has been selected in the H-1B lottery, and you now have 90 days to complete and submit the full H-1B petition.  Due to COVID-19 related issues, premium processing has been suspended, but all deadlines are still on schedule for when you need to complete the filing.  This may be subject to change, and we will keep you updated.  In the meantime, it is time, for those selected, it is time to complete the petition as soon as possible to ensure an on-time start date.  That means anticipating and addressing all possible issues that may arise in adjudicating your case, or your employee or client’s case in your complete filing.

At CCI we work with difficult cases and RFEs every year.  We have an understanding of what triggers them, and what prevents them.  Let us review your case and give you a free consultation before you file.  Simply visit and we will get back to you in 48 hours or less.  All rush delivery fees are waived for the month of March!

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