st. Detailed evidence that your company upholds US labor standards is necessary for this application to be approved so you and your employee or client can move forward on the petition process. This will benefit your company in the long run by ensuring that your business is built on a basis of excellence.If you hire a foreign worker, you will most certainly be held to higher standards and have those standards enforced more strictly than if you simply hire US-born workers. However, this will ensure that your company get off to a legitimate start and evolve from a strong, solid foundation. There are simply not enough highly skilled workers who are US citizens to meet the growing job demands of the IT industry, and plenty of brilliant minds from other countries who want to work for you. At the same time, with H1b employees on staff, your company will have strong roots in an international perspective and a global focus. As the business world – particularly the IT world – becomes evermore globally oriented, your company will already be structured for this modern, global industry while established companies and other start-ups that don’t hire H1b workers will have to adapt.It is well worth the extra attention to the details of the petition process to start up your new business with H1b employees on your staff.About the Author Sheila DanzigSheila Danzig is the Executive Director of CCI a Foreign Credentials Evaluation Agency. For a no charge analysis of any difficult case, RFEs, Denials, or NOIDs, please go to or call 800.771.4723. Mention that you saw this in the ILW article and get 72 hour rush service at no charge. ]]>