Boston Herald’s recent opinion piece (September 16, 2013) by the president of the American Bar Association argues that comprehensive immigration reform is vital to preserve American competitiveness.James R. Silkenat writes:

“Even the brightest foreign students graduating from U.S. universities cannot obtain continuing visas and are forced to leave the United States, taking their knowledge and ideas with them… Matters of life and liberty are decided in our system of immigration justice without the most basic protections [such as legal counsel] that we expect in American courts.”
Thus, the U.S. House of Representatives must pass comprehensive immigration reform. The U.S. Senate has offered a bipartisan CIR bill, which, while not perfect, is better than continuing the current system that divides children from their parents, erodes our borders and hurts the U.S. economy. Realistic immigration reform can strengthen our borders and address the tremendous costs — monetary and moral — of enforcement and detention.Source:]]>