Why I am coming to the US for my higher education

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Why I am coming to the US for my higher education

By Naseem Nazer

Why is the US a leading destination for education for people from outside the US when it is generally more expensive?

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The benefits of earning diplomas in the American institutions appear to outweigh the extra expenses that are as a result of the expensive U.S. education as compared to the education in other countries.

For me, the benefits of acquiring an U.S. education certificate are:

  1. The opportunity to make influential contact.
  2. A world class education.
  3. Perfected English language skills.

There are other strong reasons why anyone should pursue their educational dreams in America. In discussing this with friends and family this is what I discovered:

a)      Cultural exposure

It is a mind broadening experience for most people as they get to understand and live within other cultures. Those studying in America have a better understanding and knowledge of the Americans’ lifestyle while perceiving other cultures at the same time.  American is a world leader and understanding their lifestyle can only help ones career.

b)      A leader in higher education globally

This is one of the primary reasons as to why my family wanted me to study in America. America has 15 of the world’s top 20 universities; this is according to the World University Rankings. Students are exposed to the cutting edge technology and education that is not available in my own, and many other countries.

c)       Networking opportunities

Opportunities are provided for the students to make contact with the influential instructors and professors as well as other students who are studying at these top universities. This will be an advantage to me and to all students since they gain access to the larger academic network that provides a good platform for employment opportunities.

d)      Perfects the English language

English is the most dominant language in the scientific and financial worlds right now. For this reason, one who gains fluency in the language gains access to many career opportunities. The constant exposure will improve your spoken and written English skills drastically.

Academic achievements are vital because of the stiff competition currently present for admission in the best U.S. colleges and universities.


What did I need to apply to a US university from a foreign country?

The first thing I needed was an evaluation of my non-US education.

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Academic evaluations are used not only for further education but for employment purposes and for US immigration.

This article was written by sheila