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The professionals at CCI have extensive experience and education with foreign credentials evaluations, work experience evaluations, and H1-B or I-140 requirements.

Document Evaluations

  • Single Degree Educational Credential Evaluation
  • Two or More Degrees OR Doctorate or Medical Degree only Equivalency Evaluations

Course by Course Evaluations

  • Single Degree Equivalency Reports for courses taken
  • Equivalency Reports for a Combination of Degrees

Work with No Education or Combined Work + Education Evaluations

Professor’s Expert Opinion Letter: $400 to $1200.00

Feel free to call us with any questions about special circumstances. We will always tell you if we can help you before we accept your order.

ELECTRONIC COPY — Can be used to file with USCIS (INS) — Immigration Visas

For $20 we will create a signed electronic copy that can be used for college and job applications. This allows you (or your employer or attorney) to review the evaluation before we print so that changes can be made at that time.

Our Guarantee:

Evaluations are advisory so there is no evaluation that is accepted 100% of the time. That is why we ask you to check with the receiving office to insure that they will accept an evaluation from Career Consulting International. We guarantee to answer any questions that anyone ever has about your degree or evaluation – even 10 years from now. We guarantee to send additional documents, redo your evaluation and respond to any requests for further evidence. We will always be here to support you.