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“ … My school board had no problem with my degree from outside the US once I sent in your evaluation.”
“ … I just received my acceptance letter into a US Regionally Accredited MBA program thanks to your guidance and evaluation. Thanks CCI I could not have done it without you.”

Foreign Credential and Degree (Diploma) Evaluation Services

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We provide Evaluation Reports for:

  • USCIS (Immigration)
  • Employment
  • University Admissions
  • High School, College, University, Graduate, Medical etc., degrees and diplomas

We Offer Special Services, Including:

Original Documents NOT Required to Complete your Evaluation Report

Free Consultations & Free Reviews of RFE's Denials

We Specialize in Difficult Evaluations including RFE's NOID's, Denials as well as change of majors, 3-Year degree equivalency and more for H1b, TN, I140 filings. We offer a NO CHARGE detailed analysis of your case.

Call 800.771.4723 for a Free Consultation - Phones Open 24 Hours.
Career Consulting International gives our clients Foreign Credential Evaluation Services and provides independent expert opinions from independent international professors. We offer evaluation reports designed to help you meet the requirements of USCIS officials, colleges and universities, professional licensure boards, and employers. We work with Immigration Attorneys to help you get your immigration visa approved.
We are able to do this by demonstrating the US equivalency of your foreign diploma or degree
We Guarantee: Permanent Ongoing Support. We promise to answer your questions next week, next year, and even ten years from now. We will never charge for a follow-up consultation with you or with any of your future employers.
The following mandate was issued by the United States Office of Personnel Management on Monday, January 31, 2005, and applies to the use of degrees by any federal employees:
c) ... applicants must submit all necessary documents to a private U.S. organization that specializes in interpretation of foreign educational credentials, commonly called a credential evaluation service.
» Career Consulting International meets these requirements. «

A Special Note About Three Year Degrees and Immigration Visas:

3-Year Degrees from India, Europe, South Africa, South America, and others may be accepted as the U.S. Equivalency of a Four-Year Bachelor Degree when properly evaluated. While there are never any guarantees with USCIS, this evaluation is important when applying for the I-140, when the labor certificate does not allow for the combination of degrees or education with work experience evaluations. Click here to learn more

Attorneys, Employers and Consulting Services

We provide services for attorneys, employers and consulting services. Here is what some of our customers say ...

Career Consulting International

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800.771.4723 (USA)
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Call 24 hours
Award to Career Consulting International

Lowest Price Guarantee

We guarantee that or prices are the lowest of any reputable evaluation agency for the same service.

If, at any time over the next 5 years, you find lower published prices for identical services just send it to us and we will refund 110% of the difference.

This applies to evaluation fees only. Special cases and expert letters are not included.