Highly Skilled Foreign Workers in High Demand

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Of all of the H1B visa jobs each year, 70% of them are in the engineering, science, and technology field. The US is having a very hard time filling these highly skilled job positions, which has been one of the biggest driving forces behind the H1B visa program. This type of visa is for highly skilled workers from abroad with specialized education and training. This visa requires employers pay their H1B employees a standard salary for their position and standard benefits including healthcare and vacation time. The H1B visa protects workers from exploitation by employers by requiring documentation of the company’s economic viability as well as work contracts and other evidence before approving the visa. This visa also allows the worker’s spouse and children to live with her in the United States legally while she has H1B visa status. Once an applicant has been approved for her H1B visa, she can file for extensions or transfers without being hindered by the annual H1B cap.

The USCIS sets a cap of 65,000 H1B visas and an additional 20,000 visas specifically for petitioners with advanced degrees. However, these visas are in high demand so it is essential that if you are applying for one you get all of your forms filed when the applications open on April 1st. Even major technology companies like Microsoft have around 50% of their visa applications denied. High-end technology companies want H1B workers, but even this is subject to the cap. It is up to you and your employer to make sure you have everything filed on time to have a shot at getting your H1B visa approved.

Competition is fierce for these slots and the USCIS is now turning applicants away for not having a degree in the exact field of their specialty occupation even if they have work experience in the field. At CCI, we have the authority to convert your work experience into college credit hours and write a detailed evaluation to bridge the gap between your field of work and your field of study. We are punctual and will work with you to make sure you get everything you need ahead of time.

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This article was written by Rebecca Little