H1B Approval after RFE

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H1B Approval after RFE

We recently received word from an attorney that another client’s RFE had been successfully answered. This client had a four year Bachelor Degree, along with work experience in the field of the labor certificate. The previous evaluation had been completed by another foreign credential evaluation agency.
The RFE requested more information about the client’s work experience and required demonstration that the client’s bachelor degree and work experience resulted in qualification for the labor certificate as it had been issued. Rather than re-evaluating the Bachelor Degree, we chose a different route – that of closely examining both the education and the combined work experience.
We demonstrated that the client had sufficient work experience, along with an accredited four year Bachelor Degree, to show an educational major in the field of the labor certificate. The USCIS responded by accepting the answer, and approving the client’s H1B visa.

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