Get Your H1B Visa Approved with a Generalized Degree

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Not all that long ago, the USCIS and your employer had similar standards of what qualifies applicants for their H1B jobs: the necessary degree in a related field.  In recent years, the USCIS has changed their mind on this one, most likely due to the massive amount of H1B visa petitions that get filed annually for the same 65,000 visas.

“A generalized degree, absent specialized experience, is insufficient.”

That means if you have a degree in a general field, even if your employer hires you the USCIS will not grant your visa.  Unless of course you have specialized experience.  This experience, however, needs to be clearly shown in your visa petition.  You can’t just submit your resume and transcripts and expect the USCIS to work it out on their own.  They’re looking at hundreds of thousands of petitions and can only approve 65,000 of them.  They’re looking for an excuse to reject your visa to make their job easier.  Expecting them to fill in the gaps of your education is not a good idea because they probably just won’t do it.  The less leg work the USCIS has to do to understand your petition and approve your visa the better.  It’s your job to clearly spell out your qualifications and make their job easier.

How do you do this?  By getting your education and work experience evaluated by a credential evaluation agency with the authority to write a detailed analysis of your work experience and the coursework of your degree.  Even if you have a degree in a generalized field or a field only related to your job, we can take a look at the classes you took.  Maybe you actually did specialize, it’s just not obvious just by looking at your degree on face value.  We can look at your work experience in the field and convert it into college credit.  The USCIS even says that specialized experience in your field of employ is sufficient even if your degree doesn’t match your job.

Call us or visit us online for a free consultation.  We will take a look at your education documents and your job offer and discern what needs to be done so that you can qualify for your H1B visa.

This article was written by Rebecca Little