Foreign Credential Evaluations for Medical Doctors

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Foreign Credential Evaluations for Medical Doctors

Medical schools occasionally go out of their way to recruit students with diverse ethnic or minority backgrounds. While some people like to blame this on equal opportunity employment issues, the real fact is that the United States is an ethnically diverse country. Sometimes, these students have a unique ability to understand and relate to the cultural customs and traditions valued by people of the same ethnic background.

While a significant number of medical students are minority students, many other physicians come to this country to practice after obtaining a foreign degree in their native country.  Often, however, doctors refrain from immigrating because they are concerned that their degree might not be accepted in the U.S.

In reality, however, nearly every medical degree obtained in a different country is given the U.S. equivalency of a diploma from a medical college. There are a few exceptions. For example, although degrees in homeopathic medicine may be recognized in other countries, these foreign education credentials are not accepted in this country. LIkewise, acupuncture degrees can rarely be shown through educational evaluations to be equivalent to a U.S degree.

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