EB-2 Visa Approved

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EB-2 Visa Approved

The professionals at Career Consulting International are strongly committed to their clients’s successes. We are thrilled to hear when a client has received approval for immigration visas because it means that we have been able to help one more person in a difficult situation.

One of our goals is to communicate these successes to others, so that other people who have foreign degrees will be encouraged to know about these successful visa applications. If you have had a successful application for an H1-B Visa, an I-140, an EB Visa, or a TN Visa through our consultation services, please write us and tell us about your experience. We want to be able to encourage others through spreading the news of your success. We won’t use your name unless you give us permission.

We recently had the pleasure of learning from a person living in Nebraska who successfully applied for an EB-2. This person’s case involved a 3-Year Degree. The individual was unable to produce mark sheets for the transcripts. Despite this, we were able to offer an evaluation report that helped to gain approval.

We care deeply about the outcomes of our clients’ applications, and work hard to ensure every chance of success. Help us to spread the news by sharing your story today!

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