April Fools! It’s Not Too Late to File Your H-1B Petition

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It’s not too late to get your H-1B petition filed in time to get into the lottery. The USCIS is required to continue to accept petitions for five days before closing for the year, so you’ve still got a couple days if you act fast. And if you’re going for it, you’ve got to make it count. That means don’t file a half-finished petition. Don’t file your petition if you’ve got documents or evidence missing. You’ve only got one shot at this and the USCIS is looking for any red flag it can use to throw out your petition because they’ve got hundreds of thousands of petitions to sort through to fill just 85,000 slots.

One of the most common reasons petitions are met with RFE’s or outright rejections is because the petitioner missed a crucial step in proving that they are qualified for their H-1B job. H-1B jobs must be specialty occupations requiring the employee to have specialized skills and knowledge to perform. These jobs require a US bachelor’s degree or higher or its equivalent in the specialized field of the occupation.

This is where H-1B applicants run into trouble. If you’ve got a bachelor’s degree or higher, but it’s from a country outside of the United States, you’ve got to submit more than just your transcript to prove you are academically qualified for your position. Education systems and standards differ across the world. It would be like handing over enough rupees to pay for your soda from a gas station in Florida. You may have given the cashier the correct value or currency, but it’s highly unlikely the cashier will now this. You’ve got to submit a detailed evaluation of your credentials along with your transcript to specifically prove equivalence to a US degree.

On the same note, if you have a US bachelor’s degree or higher from in a generalized field, or a field different from – even if related to – your field of employ, you need to submit a detailed credential evaluation along with your transcript. This evaluation is needed to closely examine your coursework to show that you do have the specialized skills and knowledge of your field of employ even if your degree doesn’t directly reflect it. This may need to include converting years of your work experience in your field of employ into college credit hours to fill in any holes that may be missing in your transcript.

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This article was written by Rebecca Little