Another Foreign Credential Evaluation Receives Visa Approval

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Another Foreign Credential Evaluation Receives Visa Approval

Recently, we had the pleasure of hearing from a very satisfied customer that his immigrant visa had been approved. We were glad to hear about this, and glad that he had contacted us to share the good news.

Our client had applied for and received EB-2 approval with a 3-year degree and 2-year postgraduate degree. CCI has been fortunate to have considerable success in approval rates for these educational evaluations. While USCIS has made approval of 3-Year Degrees from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh much more challenging, we have been able to supply sufficient documentation to show that these degrees are in fact the international equivalency of a U.S. Bachelor Degree.

Through our foreign education credential evaluations process, we are able to determine quickly whether a person’s foreign degree is equivalent to accredited education within the United States. Often, clients submit their documents to us for a low-cost pre-evaluation, which helps us to determine what type of evaluation and/or expert opinion will best meet that person’s needs. Our goal is to provide the timeliest, most economical, most effective evaluation report possible for each client.

If your evaluation has helped you gain approval for a visa, for university admission, or for employment, we would love to hear from you. Just register and post on our guest blog, or contact us and share your success story. We won’t use your name or any identifying information unless you specifically approve it. Share your feedback and make your voice heard.

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