Our Customers Say It Best …

“ … When my I-140 denied due to 3 year degree, then i was going online to check if anybody else has same problem. One of the forum, I saw your post regarding 3 year degree and get your number from that post. Then, I called that number, i think i talked with Marion and she told me to go to yours website to use free degree analysis. I did what she said.It was very hard to believe in you as it is so uncommon and no other evaluation agecies advertise like you. But i must say, few things that made me believe in you.

  1. The Post I read was dated in 2006. If you were not genunie then the number on the post would not exist after 2 years.
  2. The confidence of your staff after reveiwing my free evaluation. They were so confident that i had a sure shot case.
  3. The Logic behind your evaluation and Immigration requirements. Technically, we all know that In India, we have more class room hours and subjects. But to make Immigration belive is uphill task. But the way, you did your evaluation (as you mentioned in your website)has all the details that made them think and hard to deny the case.

Thanks Again.”

“ … You evaluated my 3 year degree as equivalent to a US bachelor’s degree. My case was approved today. I am really thankful to you. Your research on Education evaluation was excellent. Mine got approved in EB2. I really appreciate all the help.”

“ … Thank you for your prompt responses- and I am very much pleased with your courteous and professional service- the best I have ever seen.” “ … I must say, I am very happy that I found your company. You are extremely professional at what you do and I have felt very comfortable about how your company responded to my needs on a daily basis.

I am more than happy to promote you and refer others to your organization without hesitation. I will especially let the Academy know as they usually have several foreigners applying like me. I am sure you must know how very happy I am that I have now been officially accepted into the School and this privilege is all due to your company’s services.Thanks ever so much.”

“ … My I-140 got approved on July 19, 2006. My I-140 was rejected (denial) because of education evaluation done by Glxxx. I owe this approval to you. The only thing that we did in a different way was to use your evaluiation. We applied for I-140 on July 5, 2006 and got our approval on July 19 2006. Thanks a lot for everything. Please thank (your staff) on my behalf. I owe my I-140 approval to you..”

“ … The services rendered by Career Consulting International / The Degree people.com were incredible. They were very prompt, professional, and took extreme care in ensuring that my evaluation needs were met to the best extent possible. Customer service was exemplary ! Could’nt ask for a more dedicated & willing group of individuals working towards my goals. Their low price guarantee is for real, no gimmicks or hidden costs. The value is superb.”

“ … Sheila is right, I got my I 140 approval yesterday. My story – EB2 – Perm – 3 year degree with 2 year Computers Post Graduation Degree from a University in India. Got RFE asking to provide evaluation that my PG degree is given admission only for those who have competed atleast graduation.Did a little bit research and approached Sheila and got a lengthy eval. done and submitted on 5th August 2008, which was a final day for RFE and got approval on 10th Sept, 2008.”

“ … My sincere thanks to Tamara Howell and Sheila Danzig for their amazingly fast turnaround on my evaluation. I have yet to come across an organization that is not just extremely efficient and responsive, but one that works in the best interest of the applicant. It has been a pleasure working with CCI from the moment I started. I cannot recommend it enough.”

“ … First I want to thank you for your co operation to get this approved. July 31st was the last date to respond to that RFE. my wifes attorney could send only by july 30 by overnight to USCIS and uscis got by 31 july and decided to approve my wifes 140 on august 3rd. this is really a miracle in uscis history. i am so happy and wanted to thank you for your co operation in redocument the evaluation. i signed up on uscis website with my wife lin no so that uscis will keep me posted of the case status. i just saw this email and going crazy. because i lost hopes on this. my attorney also clearly told me that i am not going to get this approved.thank you once again, i dunno what to say more than to thank you.”

“ … I don’t know what to say but you change my life. In place that other failed you came and with your evaluation you did it. I just got approved to my I-140. Thank you very much you are the best.”

“ … I would like to bring to your kind attention that my wife’s I-140 has been approved. You had provided the 3 yr degree evaluation for her and also the tip to file electronically helped (it) was approved I thank you all for your service and help.”